Windsong Kids

It is our desire that our WindSong Kids grow up with a great understanding of the Bible and a deep love for God and his church.  We want them to understand the story of the Bible as well as God's great love.  We hope to accomplish this through our curriculum, benchmarks, and fun activities for our children throughout the year.  Our children are a very important part of our WindSong family.

Windsong Kids Curriculum

Our WindSong Kids Classes (2 years through 6th Grade) use IMMERSE Curriculum.  This curriculum is published by 21st Century Christian.  IMMERSE takes kids through the Bible and makes learning fun and interactive with engaging Bible stories, colorful visuals, and fun activities.  There are great posters and timelines for our older WindSong Kids classes that help them begin to see the story of the Bible.  Parent letters and take-homes help parents understand and know what Bible stories their children are learning.

Windsong Kids Bible Benchmarks

At WindSong, we have developed some simple benchmarks for each of our WindSong Kids classes.  Our children learn so much from their Bible stories each week.  These benchmarks are intended to help them piece together these stories and better understand the story of the Bible.  Our benchmarks coincide with those of our WindSong Kids Curriculum.  They also build on each other so that our children will be able to retain this information as they promote through our classes.   Our WindSong Kids Bible Benchmarks are displayed in our classrooms.  Our teachers walk our children through these benchmarks each week.  Each child has a reward chart in their respective classroom.  They are given the opportunity to get checkmarks on their chart about twice each year. Certificates and occasional rewards are given as each child meets the benchmarks.  Our goal is to provide a fun and rewarding way to instill God's Word in the hearts of our children.