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   The vision of our WindSong Life Groups is to create an environment for building closer personal relationships with each other and a deeper spiritual relationship with God through small groups.  With the understanding that God's Word contains a continual challenge for every Christian to be a disciple of Christ, our Life Groups focus on Bible study, sharing our joys and concerns, encouraging and strengthening one another as we spend time together in prayer.  


   We believe there is great value in each of these aspects of our Life Groups.  Our time of Bible study promotes spiritual growth and provides personal strength for each group member.  Life is full of highs and lows, and our Life Groups offer a safe forum where we can share our victories and our defeats.  How wonderful it is to celebrate each others victories, and know that you have a group of people who love and care about you during the difficult times of life.  What a blessing it is to know that God hears our concerns.  Our Life Groups spend time with God in prayer, lifting each other up before him, and asking him to work through them so they can be a blessing to others.


   Our WindSong Life Groups are made up of people at all different life stages.  Each Life Group is made up of a wide range of people that span the spectrum of Christian development.  Some have been Christians for many years.  Some only a short time. Some Life Groups include those that are still searching.  One important reality of our groups is they provide every person with the opportunity to grow spiritually at their own pace, to grow in the knowledge of Christ and his will for their life, to grow in love for God, others and themselves, and to experience the sharing of burdens and joys while witnessing God at work in their life.

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