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Our Encouragers are followers of Jesus who are committed to developing a one-on-one, adult to student, friendship with a child from the Crystal Hill Elementary School.  Through this relationship, we hope to motivate the student to consistently show improvement in attitude, self-confidence, behavior and, although the program is not necessarily academically driven, academics.

Encouragers commit to meeting once a week (Monday mornings) from October through April at the school.  Teachers select students in need and identify an area of focus.  With the guidance of a facilitator, the Encouragers spend thirty minutes with each child, working with teacher-provided classroom materials.  Encouragers are also trained to understand the socio-economic dynamics of our society and to be a non-judgmental friend who cares and looks to build on positives.  The philosophy behind this ministry is simply that a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult can and will make a positive difference in the life of an at-risk child.

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