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Sunday Mornings

Walking with God: Daniel
Teacher: Jon Pease
Room 201

Living Holy in an Unholy World
Teachers: Jonathan Wells & Nick Hamilton
Room: 200

Christian Parenting in a Digital World
Teacher: Wallace Hattenhauer
Room 203

Christian Foundations: New Testament Intro
Teacher: Chris Kearney
Room: 202

Luke Part 1
Teacher: Michael Carter
Room: Auditorium 

Senior Saints: Thriving Spiritually
Teacher: Dewayne Agin
Room: Small Fellowship Room

College Age Theological Discussion Class
Teacher: John Reese
Room: Church Office


Wednesday Evenings

The Perfect Story of God
Teacher: Chris Kearney
Room: 202

Walking with God: 1 & 2 Peter
Teacher: David Chesser
Room: 201

Be Angry and Do Not Sin: Study of Anger
Teacher: Brad Ashford
Room: 203

Ladie's Class: Taming the Tongue

Teachers: Various women
Room: 200

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