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Sunday Mornings

The Sermon on the Mount
Teachers: Mike Harris & Waylan Arnold
Room 201

Teacher: Bobby McLaughlin
Room: Small Fellowship Room

Everyday Relational Evangelism
Teacher: Chris Kearney
Room 202

Elijah, the Great Prophet of God
Teacher: Mike Marlar
Room: Auditorium

Christian Foundations: Old Testament Intro.
Teacher: Kent Horton
Room: 203

Women's Class: Raising Godly Mothers & Families
Teachers: Alicia Moore & Amber Sublett
Room: 200

College Age Theological Discussion Class
Teacher: John Reese
Room: Church Office


Wednesday Evenings

Ruth & Esther
Teacher: Chris Kearney
Room: 202

Teach us to Pray
Teacher: Lewis Holston & David Dominski
Room: 201

Christian Foundations: Who I am in Christ
Teachers: John Bradshaw and Ghost Cheatham
Room: 203

Men's Class: Raising Godly Fathers & Families

Teachers: Michael Moore & Greg Sublett
Room: 200

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