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   At WindSong, one foundational element is learning what God desires of his people.  With so many voices in our world wanting to tell others what say and do, even how to live and respond to the world, it can be rather difficult to determine to which voice you should listen.    At WindSong, we believe the question to ask is not, "What does the world expect of me?", but rather "What does God have to say?"  The primary goal of our Adult Education ministry is to help others navigate life by offering classes and settings that promote a deep study of the Bible and provides opportunities for discussion on how God's Word applies to our lives today.  The way we seek to meet this goal is by offering adult classes throughout the week, relevant lessons during our times of worship, and monthly Life Groups in homes throughout the greater Little Rock metro area.

SUNDAY -           9:00AM
     TUESDAY -       10:00AM
     WEDNESDAY -   6:30PM
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